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Elegant  trade  limited

Elegant Trade Limited was established in 2003. In the following year, a branch office was set up in Japan and began to partner with many famous Japanese breweries, allowing for direct import of Japanese sake and shochu. In recent years, Elegant Trade Limited has successfully become the sole agent of more than ten Japanese breweries.


Our management has a deep understanding of Japanese sake and shochu, allowing for the introduction of various brands into the Hong Kong market. Moreover, the varieties represented by the company number more than one hundred.  In addition to providing sales to restaurants throughout Hong Kong, our main focus is meeting the business needs of individual customers in acquiring luxury commodities from the Japanese market.


With the support of many, the sakes that the company represents have spread to the Hong Kong market. In the future, we will spare no efforts to invest our resources in the introduction of more high-quality products, giving customers more options.

Company Information


Company name: Elegant Trade Limited

Year of establishment: 2003


Company address:

Room 401, Brill Plaza, No.82-84 Tokwawan Road, Tokwawan

Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Tel.: (852)2366-1785 Fax: (852)2366-1758


〒135-0034, Rm.601, 2-19-4 Eitai Koto-ku, Tokyo Japan.

Tokyo, Japan. 

Sake Brand

Prefecture   Brewery          Brand 

Iwate      - Asabiraki          Kyokusen

Yamagata  - Tohoku-meijyo        Hatsumago

Niigata   - Nakagawa-shuzo   Koshinohakugan

Ibaraki    - Fuchuhomare     Wataribune

Ishikawa  - Kaetsu       Shuho-kaetsu

Fukui       - Koshinoiso    Ichigoichie

Aichi      - Sekiyajyojo      Houraisen

Shiga     - Fujimoto-shuzo    Shinkai

Hiroshima  - Kyokuho-shuzo    Kyokuho

Shimane    - NIhonkai-shuzo       Kannihonkai

Ohida    - Oimatsu-shuzo     Enma

Annual Total Import Volume

         Shochu &  etc.  Sake

2004   598Liter     1,204Liter

2005   4,702Liter  6,739Liter

2006   6,032Liter  12,173Liter

2007   7,999Liter  15,357Liter

2008   5,246Liter  12,740Liter

2009   5,927Liter   26,397Liter

2010   3,212Liter  17,008Liter

2011   3,980Liter  21,548Liter

2012   4,662Liter  24,261Liter

2013   4,786Liter  27,759Liter

2014   6,883Liter  33,877Liter

2015   5,732Liter     31,426Liter

2016   3,808Liter  28,106Liter

2017            7,746Liter  32,009Liter

2018            3,778Liter  25,654Liter

2019            2,400Liter  17,422Liter

2020            5,277Liter  36,284Liter

2021            4,913Liter  21,490Liter

Steady  Supply:

Our stock is based on client demand. Once a customer chooses a type of sake, it will be regularly imported to Hong Kong, bringing guests as close as possible to their Japanese sake of choice. Having developed its position in the Japanese sake wholesale market over the previous years, Elegant Trade Limited boasts a mature sales network, meaning our stock is constantly updated.


Moreover, throughout the transportation from Japan to Hong Kong, we maintain the cold chain, ensuring quality products.

Order and delivery:

We welcome catering orders and remain available for delivery Monday through Friday. Upon receiving an order, we can arrange delivery for the following day. No products have a minimum order quantity, even just one bottle can be ordered. Our minimum order amount is HK$ 500. Our products are wholesale for the catering industry, so retail service is not available.

Sake  knowledge training:

The production of Japanese sake and shochu are quite complex processes and contain numerous variations. Therefore, to enhance understanding, we are available to provide sake and shochu knowledge training to the customers’ staff. If interested, you can make an appointment with our Japanese SSI-approved “Japanese Sake Lecturer” for a one-hour lecture. For distinguished customers, this training is free of charge.

After-sales  service:

Our staff often does customer visits. For example, if customers have questions regarding the sales or quality of products, our salesperson will be there to answer in detail. As for after-sales service, we also create promotional tools such as table tents and menus to help give customers the best business conditions.

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