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Sekiya Brewing (Aichi)

Sekiya’s goal is to brew high quality sake while exploring sake’s possibilities. The brewery has actively mechanized giving it a different feel from a traditional brewery. In order to maintain the traditional brewing methods, Sekiya has implemented suitable machinery where manpower was previously used, while still closely monitoring brewing to retain handcrafting and not simply mechanize the brewing. As a sake brewery, Sekiya is putting continuous efforts into using the machines as tools and collecting elaborate amounts of data to utilize in the following brews. Sekiya is constantly updating by adopting methods to improve quality management, which ensures products during transportation and sales. Sekiya’s aim is to reach "Wajoryoshu,"or creating beautiful sake by the harmony of people, and to put effort into cultivating the future of Japanese sake.


Sekiya is located in the mountainous region of Japan’s Aichi prefecture. The brewery is surrounded by mountains in a scarcely populated area known for its fresh air. Since 1864, Sekiya has been called the “Oku Mikawa” region’s natural mountain sake brewery. The water used for brewing comes from the mountainous terrain owned by the Sekiya family. Having natural resources and superb brewing technology allows Sekiya Brewing to produce a solid average sake with a delicate and gentle taste. It has therefore gained great recognition in the Aichi prefecture, becoming the most popular county sake, despite the prefecture’s abundance of sakes. It has attained great visibility in Nagoya as well. Ninety percent of the brewery’s annual output is sold within the local prefecture, while in recent years, this sake has attracted attention from Tokyo and the international stage.


Machiura-22 Taguchi, Shitara-chō, Kitashitara-gun, Aichi prefecture 441-2301, Japan

Tel.: 0536-62-0505    Fax: 0536-62-1556

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14_3-sellers door _83A8989
14_2-sellers door IMG_1152
14_1-sellers door IMG_1175
12_1-Bottle filling_IMG_9416
10_1-nomikiri(Sampling for quality control)_L1002386
09_1-aging(Maturational tank)_IMG_9345
08_3-sake IMG_0003
08_2-Fukurodori IMG_9864
08_1-jousou(squeeze sake)_IMG_9302
03_1-rice polishing machine_IMG_9355
04_1-steamed rice cooling_IMG_9501
03_2-polished rice_L1200306
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01_3-ginjo workshop_83A8926
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