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Nakagawa-shuzo (Niigata)

Nakagawa-shuzo is located in Japan’s Wakinomachi, Nagaoka, Niigata prefecture, adjacent to the Sea of Japan amongst the tranquility. The brewery is located in front of Nishiyama mountain range, boasting a plentiful supply of volcanic water flowing down from the peak. During the winter brewing season, snow falls, purifying the air.


Nakagawa-shuzo was established in 1988, the 21st year of the Meiji era, with Nakagawa serving as the fourth generation managing director. The brewery is small, such is typical of most sake breweries. The style of the family brand, “Koshinohakugan,” is uncommon in the Niigata prefecture but is completely free of style restrictions by the prefecture. Its taste differs from the traditional Niigata flavor and doesn’t carry the so-called Tanreikarakuchi flavor. On the contrary, the sake is mellow with rich flavor and distinct personality.  The essence of rice is featured prominently in this sake.


Nakagawa-shuzo pays attention to local tastes, and as the Nakagawa Managing Director pointed out, “As a Japanese sake brewer, attention should be paid to the support of local customers.” To gain the support of locals, it is necessary to get them to bring Koshinohakugan into their lives, to incorporate it as their drink of choice during mealtimes. Therefore, simple sake without overindulgence, table sake, maintains a rice-polishing rate of 60%, with each step being observed meticulously. Now, the brewery’s sake receives high praise from the local community, with 60% of its output being supplied locally. The flavor of “Koshinohakugan” has now become a new ‘local’ flavor for Nagaoka, Niigata.

The naming of the “Koshinohakugan” brand was influenced by white geese that once gathered nearby Nakagawa-shuzo.


2011 Wakinomachi, Nagaoka, Niigata prefecture 940-2306, Japan

Tel.: 0258-42-2707    Fax: 0258-42-2596

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